Answering Hard Questions

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Teaching Doctrine, Training Champions
Dr. Andrew Knight



This talk will begin with a biblical mandate for presuppositional apologetics, along with contrasting with other methods of apologetics. The problem which demands the growing need for apologetics will be considered. Hard questions from the Bible will be addressed, such as suffering are dealt with from both the believer’s and the skeptic’s perspective. The purpose and practicality of biblical apologetics will be discussed. One major theme of studying presuppositional apologetics to be considered is biblical reasoning.  The other major theme of this apologetic study is it’s basis which rests in the pursuit and study of truth.


The purpose of this module is to discuss the most vital need of our generation, which is the relentless pursuit and application of presuppositional apologetics.  Though the number in the population that are coming to faith in Christ is always increasing the percentage of skeptics, agnostics, and atheist are growing at a far greater number.  The need to teach and train Christian apologist to defend and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ is great. Within the broader need to teaching apologetics is the need to refine the teaching on biblical apologetics.  The distinction of presuppositional apologetics separates itself from other forms of apologetics that have made themselves the verifier of truth, and have suggested that philosophy is the handmaiden of theology.

  • The course will offer an explanation of presuppositional apologetics
  • The significance of the supremacy of Scripture relative to apologetics will be considered
  • A discussion comparing and contrasting different methods of apologetics in this course
  • Suffering will be discussed from a skeptic’s and a Christian perspective
  • An explanation for biblical reasoning and the study of truth will be considered



  1. To have sound reasons to belief in the supremacy of Scripture
  2. Be able to define presuppositional apologetics and why it is biblical
  3. You will learn why God allows suffering, how the skeptics perceive it
  4. Develop biblical reasoning based on your developing biblical worldview


  • Video/Audio Lessons: In each module, students will find video lessons covering an overview of Does God Exist? And apologetics reasons to believe in God and answers to share with the unbelieving World. Note that the material in these videos is available separate audio and PowerPoint files for ease of review.
  • Textbook Readings: In each module, the student will be assigned reading from the textbook, Transformational Truth, Vol. 2. Complete at least fifty pages of reading from Transformational Truth, to include the assigned reading. The reading, along with the audio lessons, provide the primary material with which the student should be familiar.
  • Final Quiz: The course will conclude with a final quiz consisting of true/false and multiple-choice questions covering the content of the assigned reading and the video lectures. This quiz can be retaken as many times as the student wishes. Students are encouraged to treat the quiz as learning activity rather than simply a final exam and to take it as often as necessary to develop a familiarity with the class content. * *  877-411-5300
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