Does God Exist?

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Teaching Doctrine, Training Champions
Dr. Andrew Knight



This course will discuss the origin of civilization and the significance of Genesis account of Creation. In connection to the Genesis account of Creation the Gap theory will be examined. The universal human desire to understand the problem of evil will be considered. Included in this body of study is the problem of suffering. The centerpiece of a theistic worldview is the resurrection of Christ. Without the resurrection there is no Christianity.  The three major theories that oppose Theism will be examined.

  • Find reasons for the existence of God, and how these will empower your life and witness.
  • Discussion on the source of evil and suffering, who is responsible, and how to respond.
  • Discover the ramifications of the free will of man.
  • Find out the purpose of ethics and morality.
  • Discuss the outcomes of understanding God’s existence.


A discussion on the Genesis account of Creation is paramount to understanding Judeo-Christian history. The problem of evil, suffering, and moral thought cannot be understood outside of Theism. To understand human history it is imperative to recognize the central theme in human history and debunk the critic’s theories. This talk will explore the truth-claims of the Genesis account; answer the hard questions of evil and suffering; and answer the resurrection critics.



  1. Inspire to pursuit truth-claims.
  2. Encouragement in life’s trials.
  3. Defend against the critics.
  4. Instill the existence of God.


  • Video/Audio Lessons: In each module, students will find video lessons covering an overview of Does God Exist? And apologetics reasons to believe in God and answers to share with the unbelieving World. Note that the material in these videos is available separate audio and PowerPoint files for ease of review.
  • Textbook Readings: In each module, the student will be assigned reading from the textbook, Transformational Truth, Vol. 1. Complete at least fifty pages of reading from Transformational Truth, to include the assigned reading. The reading, along with the audio lessons, provide the primary material with which the student should be familiar.
  • Final Quiz: The course will conclude with a final quiz consisting of true/false and multiple-choice questions covering the content of the assigned reading and the video lectures. This quiz can be retaken as many times as the student wishes. Students are encouraged to treat the quiz as learning activity rather than simply a final exam and to take it as often as necessary to develop a familiarity with the class content. * *  877-411-5300
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